Rapid spare part identification by Smartphone App

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Why Spare Part Recognition by Smartphone App?

Downtime of machines, bottleneck repairs and incorrect spare part deliveries are costly and challenging issues, that induce frustration, high costs and in the worst case, irreparable consequential damage.
Undoubtedly, by placing trained personnel on site, you can minimize such deficiencies. However, even the best experts make mistakes due to time pressure, confusing databases or illegible product codes/IDs. What if human abilities merged with artificial intelligence to enable precise and supersonic spare part identification to empower humans with an invisible digital superpower?

Superpowers for Reliable Spare Part Recognition

Human enhancement with digital superpowers does not only happen in Hollywood movies. Humai Technologies turns fiction into reality with its revolutionary spare part recognition technology. To gain these superpowers, all you will need is a smartphone app to scan spare parts and identify them within seconds.

On average, how long does it take for an employee to search for a spare part?

12 Minutes

You’re able to get the right answer with 10 seconds.

Today, how many spare-part orders are incorrect?


With an AI Assistant, you’re able to reduce errors by 90%.

How much does an incorrect spare part order cost?

Probably a lot!

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Benefits for…

The industrial maintenance market is growing. Skilled workers are rare to find, and at the same time, they suffer from time restraints, insufficient documentation or complex logistic issues. Even experts have to search for the right spare part an average of twelve minutes, while 8% of all orders remain incorrect resulting in costly downtimes.

The spare part recognition app enables you to:

  • Reduce failure rate of spare part orders by 90%
  • Easily integrate documentation to help workers
  • Reduce downtimes
  • Reduce search times
  • Complete and smoothen your logistics process

The maintenance and spare-parts business is often more extensive thus more straightforward than having to sell the first machines or equipment. Suppliers compete with alternative sources, providing similar or same parts at a low cost. Aggressive competition and declining customer loyalty means that it may even result in high return costs and a failing brand image, due to low-quality spare parts from the competition.

The spare part recognition app enables you to:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Avoid downtimes caused by bad quality spare parts
  • Sell more spare parts
  • Reduce the effort required to place spare part orders

Spare-part catalog systems have their dynamic. They have grown over the years and have optimized themselves to be as informative and usable as possible. However, the “last mile” has always been a human being searching for a spare part, and a good catalog was only as good as the searcher. With an AI approach, we can now overcome human errors, time-consuming searches and rethink catalog applications from scratch.

The spare part recognition app enables you to:

  • Offer your customers a new killer feature
  • Search by Photo
  • Avoid “Amazonization”
  • Reduce the needed CPU power
  • Rewrite your search functions

We offer Spare Part Recognition as a cloud service. It can easily be integrated in every catalog solution with a mobile component. Please have a look at our partner offering.

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The Scan

The Search

The Result

The user takes a picture of the spare part using the app. After a short few seconds, the app suggests the ideal part using a confidence score from 30 to 80. A confidence score of 30 indicates there’s a helpful function, as the user can already make a very safe selection by relying on experience and categorization options.
More often than not, used spare parts are subject to alterations due to dirt, wear or damage. By developing augmented training data for artificial intelligence (AI), guarantees reliable recognition even under such conditions.

Additional menus can be used to display auxiliary information, such as instructions or product documentation, alternatively they can be forwarded to a webshop.
Spare parts which are, due to their nature, not suitable for visual recognition, are either completely rejected, or we consider alternative solutions together with our customers.

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